21 Questions – The Firth Edition

This edition of 21 Questions we talked with local boy Scott Firth ready to take on a professional soccer opportunity in his hometown. Lets see what Scott is all about!

Danae: You will likely be one of the youngest players on the Wanderers side. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your age?

Scott: An advantage would have to be the ability to develop with all the talent surrounding me. I can’t see any disadvantages at the moment and only see it as a great opportunity!

Danae: Zach Sukunda is unsure of what his first order at Pizza Corner will be, can you give him any recommendations?

Scott: Anything with bacon and donair sauce is a must!

Danae: You’re in Grade 12, most people your age are looking at universities to attend, did you have your eye on any specific school and if so why?

Scott: I was thinking of a local university in the Maritimes that has a solid engineering program.

Danae: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

 Scott: “Always have a plan” because it’s hard to succeed if you’re not prepared.

Danae: For all your new team mates coming to Halifax, can you give them any recommendations for summer time activities?

Scott: Go surfing at Lawrencetown beach, but make sure you wear a wet suit!

Danae: What will set the HFX Wanderers FC apart in the Canadian Premier League?

Scott: The close knit community that I’m sure will always provide an amazing game day atmosphere every home match.

Danae: Why do you think the CPL will be a huge success?

Scott: Because of Canada’s need for a Division 1 league and the fans passion & commitment to support it.

Danae: When you were 5 years old, what did you want as your career?

Scott: At 5 I dreamt of being the next Ronaldinho as a professional footballer…I’d say I still have a ways to go to get there!

Danae: High school was a long time ago for some of us, tell us about your high school life? Boring? Exciting? Too much school? Let us know!

Scott: For me high school has been pretty boring because I’m always in class working away. But, it has been fun and it’s almost over!

Danae: What is the best and worst parts about Nova Scotia?

Scott: The best part is all the friendly people in the community and the beautiful scenery. The worst part would be the fact that many people from away think we’re all fishermen and live on the ocean!

Scott celebrating his 10th birthday
Scott celebrating his 10th birthday

Danae: Who was the best East Coast player you’ve ever played with and why?

Scott: Mesut Mert, but Derek Gaudet & Paul Craig are right up there with their quality technical and physical abilities.

Danae: What was the highlight of your young soccer career?

Scott: Canada Games 2017 was an amazing experience. Going to England with that same team and watching Leicester City vs Sevilla Champions League match live is something I will never forget!

Danae: What are you most thankful for?

Scott: Living in Canada, knowing my family and I are safe and can live a happy life.

Danae: What is your absolute favourite product and why?

Scott: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. That stuff tastes absolutely amazing!

Danae: Any guilty pleasures?

Scott: Fortnite…Fortnite.

Danae: With Fortnite being your guilty pleasure, have you ever thought about doing a Fortnite dance as a goal celebration?

Scott: I could imitate what Jesse Lingard does with the Fortnite celebration, but I’ll focus on scoring first.

Danae:Which of your teammates are you most excited to play with and why?

Scott: Simmons, he plays a very similar role and I feel we could have some nice chemistry in the midfield.

Danae:The best home cooked meal ever?

Scott: My Dads BBQ bacon burgers!

Danae:What is your worst sport?

Scott: Hockey… I’m a Canadian who can’t skate.

Danae: What is the biggest barrier East Coast soccer players have to overcome to make it big in their sport?

Scott: The lack of exposure as well as distance from big soccer centres.

Danae: If you couldn’t live in Nova Scotia where would you live and why?

Scott: Anywhere that shoveling your driveway every week in the winter is not an issue.

Scott playing for Team Nova Scotia at the Canada Games held in Winnipeg early August 2017
Scott playing for Team Nova Scotia at the Canada Games held in Winnipeg early August 2017

Well there you have it! Our first local signing and the first Nova Scotian to enter the Canadian Premier League! Scott is excited for this incredible opportunity and is hopeful to find some time for dad’s BBQ bacon burgers and some Fortnite!