21 Questions – The Lamy & Simmons Edition

This edition of 21 Questions we got to chat with Elliot Simmons and Vincent Lamy. We talked fashion, the Royal Wedding, and the worst household chores there are! Read through to get a better idea of who our recent signings truly are.

Elliot Simmons

Danae: The Royal Wedding this past May was a big deal for many Canadians. With you being a British-Canadian, did you  get a chance to watch the Royal Wedding?

Elliot: I didn’t actually, I was training in Finland when is was on television. I know many people went crazy over it, but I wasn’t too devastated that I missed it. I guess it may just be a British stereotype that we’re crazy for the Royal family?

Danae: If you could go 1v1 versus one player in the world who would it be and why?

Elliot: I think I would have to pick Messi, I mean, he would probably embarrass me, but that would be an extremely cool opportunity. To see his dribbling skills in real life would be incredible!

Danae: Would you consider yourself a fashionable person?

Elliot: I would say I dress well, nothing too crazy, not scruffy, but I do alright. Hopefully it’s similar to Canadian style, I know style is different everywhere.

Danae: What do you order through the Tim Hortons drive thru?

Elliot: When I was living in Canada I think it was a chili combo, yeah that’s it, I quite liked that combo. I actually saw a Tim Hortons here in England not too long ago, in Birmingham! My family and I had to stop in, I got a BLT I think!

Danae: What is your least favourite household chore?

Elliot: Cleaning the toilets, for sure. I usually leave that one for my brother Jordan.

Danae: What is your opinion on short corners?

Elliot: If the opportunity makes sense then it’s definitely worth it. However, by the looks of our squad, a normal corner may be best. We have some big lads on our side.

Danae: Although you are currently in England, what is the most Canadian thing you do?

Elliot: Well, I obviously have a British accent, but some words, for example, “garage” and “zebra” I pronounce like a Canadian would! I guess I have a little bit of Canada with me at all times.

Danae: Okay, you have to pick one: Lampard or Gerrard?

Elliot: Oh, that’s a tough one! It’s hard to say they are both great players but I would choose Lampard – I like his story a lot. It’s funny though, in Finland, my teammates called me Stevie. For the longest time I had no idea why they were calling me that. I later found out it’s because they think I look and play like Stevie G!

Danae: Can you tell me a bit about your family?

Elliot: I have a brother named Jordan, he is a triathlete and does many triathlons. He’s actually competed in 1 or 2 professional triathlons! My mom and dad are great, they are quite envious that I get to move back to Canada, they really enjoyed their time in Canada.

Danae: Being a Canadian in England, you must hear many Canadian stereotypes, what is the most common stereotype?

Elliot: Probably that all Canadians are so polite and say “sorry” very often…To an extent it’s quite accurate.

Danae: What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Elliot: I haven’t actually been to a concert before, but, if i could go today I would LOVE to see Coldplay live.

Elliot with his brother Jordan
Elliot with his brother Jordan

Vincent Lamy

Danae: What article of clothing is most important to you?

Vincent: Definitely shoes, I have different pairs for different occasions. I can’t always have the same shoes on!

Danae: Do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about?

Vincent: Speed skating! I did it competitively until I was 15 or 16. I was pretty good, I won the Eastern Canadian Championships when I was 14. I actually think it was in Halifax where I won this, so great memories in Halifax, I’m excited to make more!

Danae: What do you order through the Tim Hortons drive thru?

Vincent:  A medium Iced Capp, a breakfast sandwich with a Fruit Explosion Muffin.

Danae: If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Vincent: I would go back to France, some of my family lives there and I really like the architecture.

Danae: What is your least favourite household chore?

Vincent: Although I do it after every meal, I really don’t like washing the dishes.

Danae: What will be the best part about Halifax?

Vincent: Playing with the Wanderers in front of all the fans and hopefully winning a Championship for the city.

Danae: Do you have any unique pre-game rituals?

Vincent: Not really, i usually find time to pray before kick off, but besides that nothing really.

Danae: Family and community is what the East Coast is all about, tell us about your family!

Vincent:  I have an 18 year old brother named Justin. He likes to play basketball, he actually played soccer when he was younger, but basketball is now his focus. My mom also likes basketball a lot, she played in university when she was younger. My mom is definitely my number one fan. My dad is very involved with sports too, he’s been coaching basketball for 30 years now! He is currently a physical education teacher.

Danae: So you’re a striker, what’s the best and worst part about being a striker?

Vincent: The best is definitely scoring goals and celebrating with the team. On the other hand, as a striker you don’t always touch the ball as much as you’d like, that’s probably the worst part.

Danae: Playing sports, you have to go through an ice bath at least once in your life, what do you think about them?

Vincent: The worst thing in the world when you are actually in the ice bath!! BUT, after a few hours it can be the best because you feel so good.

Vincent’s father Yann Lamy, his brother Justin Lamy, Vincent, and his mother Sophie Morin.
Vincent’s father Yann Lamy, his brother Justin Lamy, Vincent, and his mother Sophie Morin.

That’s it for this week’s edition of 21 Questions! Stay tuned for another edition coming soon.