21 Questions – The Langwa & N’sa Edition

This edition of 21 Questions I chatted with Chrisno & Zoom, both inspiring players and both have a great sense of humour. Continue reading to learn more about our most recent signings!

Zoom Langwa

Danae: You left your hometown of Stittsville at the young age of 14 to travel within Canada for soccer. You then traveled to a different continent at age 17 to pursue your dreams. How did that shape you into the person/player you are today?

Zoom: It was definitely a challenging experience, being so young and having to grow up quick so I could compete. Not being around my parents and siblings at such a young age was not easy. I would say a lot of the hardships were all mental, once I found mental strength I was okay and was able to focus on my dreams which shaped me into the man and player I am today. I find even in soccer it’s 90% mentality, 10% physical ability.

Danae: Ndzemdzela Langwa is a tough name to pronounce so you go by Zoom, is that what our fans should call you?

Zoom:  Zoom works, everyone calls me Zoom. Zela is another big one though.

Danae: Family and community is important to the Haligonian community, tell us about your family and community!

Zoom: I grew up around girls, I’m the youngest of five and have four older sisters, and now I have two nieces! I have a small but very close group of friends from my hometown here in Stittsville, Ontario. We’ve been friends since day one, so everyone is really happy that I’m closer to home.

Danae: You’ve had the chance to play in both Spain and Italy, which location did you prefer and why?

Zoom: If we’re talking soccer, Spain. Italy has a more tactical game, where in Spain we focused on the technical side of the game. In Spain you’re more free to play, you can be creative and that helps develop your touch and technicalities. It allowed me to play quicker, improve my speed of play, use both feet, and become a better dribbler. Also, the food in Spain is amazing, there is this dish called Paella, it’s like a Spanish stir fry and it’s so good.

Danae: Among our HFX Wanderers FC signings, who are you most excited to play with and why?

Zoom: Elliot! We actually played together when we were young here in Stittsville, it’s going to be cool to reunite! A lot of people here in Ottawa are really excited to see us back on the pitch together again.

Zoom and Elliot are both in this picture can you spot them? Zoom is sitting on the grass where Elliot is holding the shield playing for their youth club, Ottawa South United.
Zoom and Elliot are both in this picture can you spot them? Zoom is sitting on the grass and Elliot is holding the shield playing for their youth club, Ottawa South United.

Danae: We have four players coming from Trinidad & Tobago to Canada, some haven’t seen snow before. Do you have any advice for them when it comes to settling into Canada and the cold?

Zoom: Dress warm – buy jackets ASAP, it’s no joke. Even in the Spring and some Summer nights it will be chilly. As for adapting to the culture everyone is really welcoming here, so that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re willing to adapt.

Danae: Best player you’ve ever played with or against?

Zoom: I’ve played against Felipe Anderson while he played for Lazio. In pre-season we had the chance to play Serie A teams in Italy, so that was pretty cool. Anderson is a Brazilian national who currently plays for West Ham United in the English Premier League

Danae: Would you consider yourself fashionable and if so, do you have any advice to those looking for fashion advice?

Zoom:  Yeah I think I’m a fashionable guy. For all who are asking I would suggest getting a nice pea coat, and some Chelsea Boots, they are definitely a game changer.

Danae: What advice can you give young players trying to become professional?

Zoom:  Focus from the beginning and stay mentally strong.

Danae: I heard you had a pretty cool experience in Paris recently, can you tell me about that?

Zoom: It’s kind of a long story, but, I was able to meet some of the players on the French national team that won the World Cup this past year! My dad knew someone, who knew one of Paul Pogba’s first coaches, Sambou Tati. My dad spoke with Sambou who helped me get my contract in Italy, and I actually got the chance to meet Sambou here in Canada. Sambou liked me as a person so much that he invited me to his family’s home in Paris. He wanted to help me with my career, so I stayed with him in Paris in July 2018, and it just so happened that France won the World Cup at the same time. When the team came back to France they held a World Cup Parade in Paris which I went to, it was incredible and I was able to meet a lot of the players, it was a very cool experience. I can’t say too much more due to a disclosure agreement but I met some pretty big names in soccer that’s for sure.

Chrisnovic N’sa

Danae: Chrisnovic N’sa is a long name, what should I and your fans call you?

Chrisno: I prefer Chrisno, usually people who speak English will call me Chris, but the Francophones call me Chrisno and I prefer that.

Danae: You played with the Montreal Impact’s academy, and you played with Vincent Lamy. What is Vincent like on and off the pitch?

Chrisno: As a player, he can finish the ball. He looks for good passes to his feet and when he gets one, he will usually finish, he’s definitely a natural striker. Off the pitch he likes to go to the casino, and I know from first hand experience he gets lucky!

Danae: In one word, how would you describe yourself on and off the pitch?

Chrisno: Controlled, I like to be in control on the pitch and show leadership. I am the same way off the pitch, I want to be in control and take lead.

Danae: Is there a specific professional player that you try to mirror in your play?

Chrisno: Samuel Umtiti or N’golo Kante. I usually try to bring strength and energy to the pitch just like those two.

Danae: What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Chrisno: Instagram for sure, I like posting pictures and looking at my friends comments. Instagram stories are cool too, I usually like to post a story to make everyone laugh.

Danae: Among the players signed to the HFX Wanderers FC, who are you most excited to play with and why?

Chrisno: Elton John & Chakib Hocine, it’s cool that Chakib is from Montreal like me, but I’m mostly excited to play with them because they play the same positions as me, and they look like they have had a lot of good experience I can learn from.

Danae: Any guilty pleasures?

Chrisno: Well, I’ve watched the Bachelor a few times, that was pretty entertaining. But I also like to watch Disney movies with my younger brother, we like Mickey Mouse.

Danae: Tell us about your family!

Chrisno: I have a pretty big family, there’s my mom and my dad and I have a younger brother, a younger sister and an older sister. My youngest brother Felix is 15 and he plays soccer too. He’s a centre back and wears number 6 just like me. He even plays for the same club I did growing up, and I’ve spent some time coaching him and his team as well. I also have a younger sister named Keren, she’s 17 and plays basketball for her college cégep, she’s a shooting guard. My older sister, Jemima who is 21 plays soccer for her college cégep, and is also a centre back like me!

My parents are amazing, my dad has always been there for me when it comes to soccer, he comes to all my games. He is a coach himself, so he likes to talk a lot, and coach me even though he’s not my actual coach. I’ve learned a lot from him and he has definitely helped me with my soccer career. My mother has also supported me along the way, she is always checking up on me and sending prayers that I find success, I’m really thankful for my family.

Chrisno with his family during New Years celebrations. From L-R: His father, Emmanuel Bakong N’sa, Chrisnovic, his sister Keren, his brother Felix, his sister Jemima & his mother, Angel Kiaveka.
Chrisno with his family during New Years celebrations. From L-R: His father, Emmanuel Bakong N’sa, Chrisnovic, his sister Keren, his brother Felix, his sister Jemima & his mother, Angel Kiaveka.

Danae: Album recommendation time! What album does everyone HAVE to listen to right now?

Chrisno: Gentleman 2.0 by Dadju

Danae: Any hidden talents we need to know about? Other sports? School?

Chrisno: I played all the sports growing up: basketball, football, hockey, and ping pong. I also like music a lot, I played the cello when I was younger, I still find time to play it here and there. I also like to sing! I will sing anywhere, in front of people, in the shower, on the street, I’m telling you, I’m not shy!

Danae: What are some stereotypes you’ve heard about Nova Scotia?

Chrisno: I’ve heard that the seafood is really good and the people are funny & friendly.

Well there it is folks, if you haven’t yet purchased yourself a nice pea coat and some Chelsea Boots, you should do so now. Also, if you’re interested in Francophone music, I can confirm that Gentleman 2.0 recommended by Chrisno is great! Stay tuned for our next edition of 21 Questions coming soon!