Garrison & Wanderers launch the Wanderers Tall Ship Light 473ml

The Halifax Wanderers and Garrison Brewing are proud to announce the evolution of their ongoing partnership with the launch of the Wanderers Tall Ship Light 473ml can, now being sold online through Garrison and is available for delivery or pickup.

“As one of the Wanderers foundational partners during our inaugural 2019 season, Garrison Brewing has been with the club from the very beginning and we couldn’t be more proud to see our partnership with such a community minded partner continue to evolve,” said club President & Founder Derek Martin. “As the pandemic continues to impact all of us in a myriad of ways we are very fortunate to have like minded partners who want to continue moving forward and preparing for the inevitable day that we can all be together again at the Wanderers Grounds.”

The new Wanderers 473ml Tall Cans are available now online at Garrison Brewing’s website and are also available for curb-side pickup at 1149 Marginal Road. To celebrate the launch of this co-branded product, Wanderers fans get a 15% discount off their first order using the code ‘Wanderers15’.

Visit Garrison Brewing’s website to save 15% on your first purchase.

“The Wanderers and Garrison truly have a shared vision and culture. We both constantly look for cool opportunities, roll with challenges and strive to create something special within our communities,” explains Garrison Brewing’s Founder Brian Titus. “Even on rainy and cold game days when we’re scrambling to set things up before gates open, there’s a positive energy and we’re truly excited to be part of something so positive for the City of Halifax.” 

In the pandemic shortened season of 2020, the Wanderers offered a ‘Collective’ membership to supporters as an opportunity to support the team ‘from aways’ at the Island Games in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Hundreds of Wanderers fans supported this initiative and are being honoured through this collaboration and the inclusion of our wave design on the new can. Each ‘W’ combines to represent the club’s supporters and their unison in song and support and reinforce our mantra that Wandering will always be better together.

“From the beginning, the waves in our club crest were designed to represent the heart of our club’s existence – our supporters,” explains Wanderers Brand Manager Dylan Lawrence. “As a club we recognize the importance of our fan base and we are always looking for ways to celebrate and showcase the unique individuals in our community.”

Each ‘W’ combines to represent the club’s supporters and their unison in song and support.

This is just one of many projects the Wanderers are pursuing to showcase their appreciation for their supporters. Collective members will also have their names and photos featured on a mural at the Wanderers Grounds to celebrate their contributions in the club’s early years. This project will be a staple at the Wanderers Grounds for years to come.

“Football clubs are simply a reflection of the community they represent. We’ve been very humbled by the support we’ve received throughout this pandemic and this is a small gesture for us to say thank you.”

For this product, Garrison Brewing’s Brand & Marketing Manager Justin Zinck was the pioneer behind the can’s design. Following the approach on Garrison’s Tall Ship Light 355ml can, Justin envisioned a Wanderers pattern that would showcase a knocked-out label and would show the can’s material.

“Both the Wanderers and Garrison have such great branding and looks – the goal was to marry them into something awesome while still keeping the strengths and identities,” says Justin. “It’s not an easy process and it doesn’t always fly, but we worked to narrow down the core elements and came up with something pretty fantastic!”

You can learn more about Garrison’s products at Garrison Brewing’s website or by visiting their locations at 1149 Marginal Road and 6418 Quinpool Road.

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