HFX Wanderers and Dreamscape partner to bring online learning games to Nova Scotia kids

HFX Wanderers FC and EdTech company Dreamscape are partnering to deliver online literacy learning through games kids love.

Dreamscape, which was founded in Halifax, uses the power and fun of video games to help kids improve their reading.

The company and the Wanderers have teamed up on a brand new HFX Wanderers content pack, where kids will improve comprehension skills through reading stories about the team’s players, staff and club mascot Rover.

To progress further in the Clash of Clans style online game, kids are then tested on those stories to earn resources, skins and rewards in the game. The Wanderers’ stories were written by the team’s players themselves and then edited by educational experts and assigned comprehension questions to align with the Nova Scotia curriculum. 

“We are proud to partner with Dreamscape, a great Halifax based business, to provide kids with Wanderers themed fun and an interactive at home learning experience, especially at a time like this when our youngest fans are not in school due to the pandemic,” said Derek Martin, the Founder and President of HFX Wanderers. 

The Wanderers avatar.

Dreamscape is the company that brought the Squiggle Park app to Nova Scotia classrooms from Primary to Grade 2, through the provincial education department, which introduced the software in schools. 

The new Wanderers Dreamscape content pack is aimed at kids who are in Grades 2 through Grade 8+. Students who play will find out what Wanderers players like to do outside of soccer, how their mentors and coaches helped them and the books that have helped shape them. 

Julia Rivard, who is a former Olympian in the sport of kayaking, is the Founder and CEO of Dreamscape. “With Dreamscape, we delivered a super fun video game where kids are motivated to drive their own reading mastery through play. The partnership with HFX Wanderers gives us an opportunity to present unique stories Nova Scotia kids can relate to, developed by inspiring high performance players they look up to.” 

The Wanderers content pack is being made available during the period where students are learning at home due to social distancing guidelines brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kids can sign up for a free account to play at this link: