HFX Wanderers FC launches winter ‘sock drop’

HFX Wanderers FC hope people donate to our ‘sock drop’ for the Salvation Army.

The Wanderers are holding a winter sock drive to help out the people in Halifax who really need support this winter.

We’re asking for donations of new pairs of socks, which are one of the most essential clothing items for people in need.

Our staff wanted to get involved in this drive as a way of showing support to the people in our community who need a bit more help this time of year.

We’ve had so much support from so many people in getting our club off the ground and ready for our first Canadian Premier League season, we wanted to give back.

We chose new socks as our clothing donation of choice after hearing from agencies they can make such a difference to homeless and poor people in our region.

All socks we receive through our drive will be donated to the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says new socks give a little dignity and hope to people in need.
The Salvation Army, at Gottingen Street, says new socks give a little dignity to people in need.

“Not only do socks keep people’s feet warm in the winter months, but they also assist with the prevention of foot diseases,” said Rebekah Brounstein, the Residential Coordinator at the Salvation Army Halifax Centre of Hope.

Brounstein said the need for socks is great, especially during wet and cold conditions when frostbite can even be a risk in extreme cases.

It’s important all donated socks are new she said, because of sanitary reasons.

“It’s a basic necessity we all take for granted but imagine yourself in wet socks for the day, how you would feel?” Brounstein said.

Wanderers ‘Sock drop’ donations accepted Dec. 14

43-year-old Jesse Vincent relies on donated clothes to stay warm on the street.

He says he’s now clean from addiction issues that led to him being broke and homeless in the first place.

But life is still a struggle for him without a job.

He spends a lot of his time outside walking in cold weather. So new socks go a long way.

“You can’t get money to wash clothing but at least if you have a new pair of socks you can wash your feet and you don’t feel so degraded,” he explained.


Jesse Vincent on Spring Garden Road.
Jesse Vincent, shown here on Spring Garden Road, says clothing donations give him hope.

And it’s not just having warm feet that’s important. Vincent says his morale is lifted whenever he receives donated clothes.

“Without the donations people would be frozen and in pain,” he said. “It feels really great if you know someone is thinking about you. It gives you hope.”

The Wanderers will get the ball rolling with donations of socks from our club as a whole, in addition to our staff members who will also be making contributions.

Donate to our ‘sock drop’ and get a Wanderers flag

Any of our club members who can help the cause are being asked to pitch in as well.

Any Wanderers members planning to attend our Fly the Flag event on Dec. 14, can bring new pairs of socks to donate to the drive.

The event at our office located at 1559 Brunswick Street is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Donate to our sock drop and we’ll give you a Wanderers flag.

As well as grabbing a flag, you’ll also be able to sample some of our Wanderers Brew beer, meet our staff and other fans.

Those who are not going to be at the event but still want to donate new socks, can drop them off at the Salvation Army at 2044 Gottingen Street.

The Wanderers want to thank everyone for considering contributing to our drive.