‘It’s nice to put a smile on people’s faces’: Marc Therrien becoming celebrity fan as ‘Blue Faced Wanderer’

You wouldn’t believe it to see him in the stands today but Marc Therrien was never a football fanatic growing up.

Yes, he’s played most of his life and watched matches on TV, but that never ignited the passion inside him like being at the Wanderers Grounds.

“It’s being around people giving 100% and cheering on the team is what brings it out in me,” he said.

It’s brought out the passion in a way even he would not have predicted.

At first Marc painted his face and beard blue. Photo: Trevor MacMillan.
At first Marc, (shown at a March to the Match) painted his face and beard blue. Photo: Trevor MacMillan.

First he painted his face and beard blue to show his support for the team.

But that drew such a great reaction from fellow fans, he decided to build on the look when the club offered prizes for the best dressed fan this season.

“I wanted to be unique and stand out and fans around me said why not keep doing it, so I was Blue Faced Wanderer first but then thought about upgrading and that’s where the gladiator chest and helmet came from,” he smiled.

Now it’s hard to imagine a Wanderers match without the gladiator and Braveheart style look of Blue Faced Wanderer in The Kitchen.

He then added chest armour and a helmet to go for the gladiator look.

“People seem to love it, as soon as I get to the pitch I get high fives from the supporters and the kids talk to me and it’s nice to put a smile on people’s faces,” he said. “It’s about having fun in life.”

Marc’s wife Jillian, having been skeptical at first in seeing him take about half an hour to get on his costume, is now fully behind his new hobby as a Wanderers superfan.

Born and raised in the area, the former Dunbrack youth player credits the Wanderers for bringing him back to the sport he loves.

The 27-year-old — who works as a pre-board screening officer at the airport — has become a bit of a celebrity in his own right at the games.

Blue faced Wanderer at the club's best dressed super fan competition.
Blue Faced Wanderer at the club’s best dressed super fan competition, with a shield!

“It’s been awesome, I’ve made friends in the stands and the players have loved it. Zach Sukunda has shown his support and it’s been easy to interact with the players and the coach and even the owner, so it’s given me a chance to get closer to them,” he said.

Both Blue face and his daughter Céline have Sukunda’s name on their Wanderers game shirts.

“I remember seeing him in the stands and thinking what a cool fan to have and after a game we chatted and I thought that was cool he got my name on his jersey because it makes you feel good to be appreciated,” said Sukunda.

Blue faced Wanderer with Zachary Sukunda whose name is on the back of his Wanderers jersey.
Blue faced Wanderer with Zachary Sukunda whose name is on the back of his Wanderers jersey.

The Wanderers first ever signing is paying tribute to the spirit Marc has brought to the crowd.

“Our home record had a lot to do with the fans and how they got behind the team I think,” he said.

Now, Blue Faced Wanderer says he’s already cooking up some new ideas for next season, for which he’s already renewed his season seats.

But those ideas are always going to involve something different after the fans noticed Blue Face was missing for one match.

“One time I didn’t dress up because I was going to work so I just wore a baseball cap and I got some negative responses,” he laughed.

Blue faced Wanderer with keeper Jan-Michael Williams.
Blue faced Wanderer with keeper Jan-Michael Williams.

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