Wanderers launch club development program; Mahone Bay United first member

The Halifax Wanderers Football Club is excited to announce the launch of its Club Development Program, designed to share the expertise of the Wanderers’ technical staff, club resources and coach development models to assist clubs of all levels in Atlantic Canada. 

In line with the club’s commitment to making the community stronger through sport, this program is built on three pillars for the Halifax Wanderers’ ongoing contribution to the development of the game in Atlantic Canada: Increased participation/retention of players and coaches at all levels, improved technical quality of players/coaches at all levels, and growth of football culture to become the number one sport in our community.

“Over the past few seasons, we’ve had a chance to pilot some initiatives in collaboration with local and regional clubs to support their efforts to grow the game; the Wanderers Club Development program is the evolution of this effort,” sporting director Matt Fegan said. “It is non-exclusive, available to clubs of all levels, as we aim to share the insights and support of our professional staff, including technical curriculums and coach development sessions, as well as sports business guidance to drive more participation and enjoyment of the game in Atlantic Canada.”

With the launch of the Club Development Program, the Wanderers are excited to welcome Mahone Bay United as the first member. Mahone Bay United is an inclusive community soccer club offering affordable and accessible soccer participation to anyone who wants to play the sport year-round. Their goal is to get as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of playing soccer, removing barriers of cost and access.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Mahone Bay United as our first members of the Wanderers Club Development Program,” Fegan said. “We’ve had the pleasure to get to know their club leadership over the past year and are truly impressed with the work they have done to make football accessible and build more participation for the love of the game in their community. We can’t wait to work with Mahone Bay United in player and coach development to help them continue to grow the game in their community and beyond.”

Mahone Bay United launched their new futsal program on January 20 with technical and classroom programs designed alongside Wanderers football operations staff.

As a member club, Mahone Bay United is working closely with Wanderers coaching staff to build technical curriculums for performance teams, co-host camps and lead coach development seminars. The club hosted the launch of their new Futsal Program on January 20 at Bayview Community School in Mahone Bay, with technical and classroom programs designed alongside Wanderers football operations staff.

“Mahone Bay United is an all-inclusive club for anyone who loves soccer; our mission and passion is to have as many people as possible ​enjoying the benefits of soccer,” Mahone Bay United Co-Founder and President Tim Merry said. “We provide affordable & accessible year-round programming for all ages, with learning & development at the heart of everything we do. We believe soccer is an incredible vehicle for building local community, raising people’s confidence and unleashing their creativity.”

The Halifax Wanderers welcome interest in joining the Club Development Program from any interested soccer club in Atlantic Canada. Clubs can contact for more information.

To learn more about Mahone Bay United, click HERE.