Wanderers want to make Football 4 all in 2023

The Halifax Wanderers Football Club is launching a season-long campaign to make soccer more accessible in Nova Scotia.

The Football 4 All campaign will highlight opportunities to introduce the sport in local communities and make sure that anyone who wants to play has an opportunity to do so. The campaign will officially launch at our May 20th home match and continue throughout the summer.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Football 4 All webpage

“The Wanderers want to inspire future generations to get involved in the game. While we can do that on the field, we also want to break down barriers that prevent many people from playing,” Wanderers President and Founder Derek Martin said. “Football 4 All means exactly what it reads. This game is for everyone, and anyone that wants to play should be able to. The beauty of football is that all anyone needs to start playing is a ball. The club will be working with our local community partners and members of the soccer community to get more kids involved in the game by getting them out to a professional game or giving them the resources they need to play.”

Several initiatives will be led by the club both at home matches and between games: 

Equipment donation

Moving forward, the club will be accepting donations of used soccer equipment at the gates of every home match. This gear will be distributed by local organizations to help families that may not be able to afford soccer equipment. 

Buy a ball, give a ball

For every soccer ball purchased at the Wanderers Fan Shop, the club will donate a soccer ball right back into the community. 

Inspire the next generation

Several local organizations and individuals are stepping up to send local children to their first Wanderers match and see professional soccer up close. Over 500 kids will get tickets thanks to the generosity of Haligonians. 

Drop-in soccer games

The Wanderers players are taking to the streets to show that all you need to play soccer is a ball. Throughout the season, the club will host free-to-play soccer games at local parks. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. 

Rover’s Reminders

Along with increasing access to soccer, the Wanderers want to encourage respect on all community fields this summer. The club is placing signage at numerous pitches around HRM, reminding players, coaches and fans to respect one another and remember that many people involved in the game are volunteers and, most importantly, to smile and have fun!