Healthcare Heroes

Sharing the stories of heroes in our community

The Halifax Wanderers are celebrating our healthcare professionals for the remainder of the season by sharing incredible stories of individuals in our community.

Our 2022 Healthcare Heroes Match, presented by MD Financial Management and Scotiabank, was hosted on May 15. Dozens of healthcare workers were invited to the match.

In addition, we received over 60 nominations from our fans about their healthcare hero. Each nominated worker was given two tickets to the match.

Below are some brief stories on some of our fantastic nominees!

Healthcare Heroes in Halifax

Natalie Nymark

Nathan Urquhart

Ron Milne

Christy Bussey

During the COVID 19 pandemic as an infection control practitioner my team at the IWK consistently worked to protect the patients, families and staff who needed to be in our health centre. Nurses and healthcare workers of all kinds continued to show up every day and night and continue to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. As a nurse it is a privilege to walk alongside patients and their families, at the IWK that means caring for people at every age and stage of life. Nursing is hard but it is our teams that we lean on and I have the best team at work and home.

Dr. Urquhart is passionate about supporting Nova Scotia’s athletes of all levels. He takes pride in his work to help players recover from injury and have success on the field. He works with a number of local and national sports teams and was a lead physician at the 2015 Pan Am Games.

“Nova Scotia Brotherhood Initiative is committed to Black men’s health and is unique in Canada. Dr. Milne has been the leader in this work for 7 years and is a strong advocate for all aspects of Black men’s health. He was recently honoured by Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission for his work.”

I have been an acute care hospitalist at the QEII for last 13 years. When the COVID pandemic was declared in March 2020, I helped develop and then took over medical leadership of our Central Zone COVID-19 Inpatient Unit. Since that time, I lead our the inpatient team through waves of increased inpatient workload with my nursing co-lead and director. At a time when health care workers did not have access to vaccination and risk of contracting COVID-19 from their patients was unknown, our team volunteered to face the challenge head-on. In wave 3, the need to focus on development of Post-COVID supports for patients who go on to develop Long COVID was identified and I advocated for a provincial approach. Our Post-COVID Steering Committee has since been established to set up collaborative supports in the community for patients who develop long-term effects of their COVID-19 illness. I continue to take every opportunity to support colleagues in caring for patients with COVID-19 and to further the delivery of inpatient care at the QEII and across the province with a special interest in collaborative care of frail patients.

Presented by MD Financial Management and Scotiabank.

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