Technical Philosophy

"The essence of life is to create the reality in which we live.
For many it was forged from our environment, be it on land,
or sea. What emerges from the struggle, is a spirit to endure,
some unique peoples, who earned the right to call Nova Scotia
home. With the birth rebirth of professional soccer in the
region, our main objective, in the words of Martin Scorsese
“is to convince an audience to care and enjoy our obsession.”"
-Stephen Hart
Head Coach & General Manager

HFX Wanderers FC may approach the game from an on-field philosophy differently. People in Halifax will not be excited by the idea of simply “defending the harbour”. The orientation must be to “go for it”. And just like the Atlantic, there may be ups and downs, and at times the commitment to attacking could be cavalier bordering on reckless, but these are the virtues that are already deeply embedded in the East Coast subconscious.

The sea is in the soul of Maritimers, and you can’t change what is instinctually in their collective psyche.

Supporting HWFC should be exhilarating and joyous like a good old Kitchen Party; fun, carefree, entertaining and soul nourishing. And once the bounty is captured in the form of 3 points, the real celebrating can begin.

“We are at this interesting intersection in the history of Halifax in time, in place. The old and the new,” remarks Derek Martin, President of Sports & Entertainment Atlantic. “We see the Wanderers Grounds as being the perfect place to sit at the crossroads of all of those different ideals that are melting now into Halifax. And I think that’s what it’ll be about.”