Player’s voice: A letter from HFX Wanderers FC’s first signing

Dear fans,

I’ve had this incredible, indescribable feeling since signing with HFX Wanderers FC.

I’ve been following the progress of this club with the development of our stadium and of our supporters section — “The Kitchen,” as we call it — and everything else about this league. To kick off the CPL in Halifax this spring will be amazing.

All I get is positive feedback when I talk about this city. The fans are already unbelievable. I can picture a packed stadium on opening night with the national anthem playing. It’s going to be an incredible moment in my career. It is, sincerely, a moment I have had dreams about.

As your first signing, I will do everything in my power to win games. I’ll give my best effort no matter what. I’ll do everything I can to make the fans happy.

Hopefully, I can be there for a long time and become one of you, a Haligonian, and enjoy your culture. I want to establish myself in Halifax — get to know the people and everything about the city. I want to make this first year an amazing one.

I also can’t wait to go fishing on the harbourfront.

So Halifax – what’s cooking?

Zachary Sukunda

Sukunda letter
Zachary Sukunda, HFX Wanderers FC.

This is about the Canadian Premier League and about Canadians in general.

When you think of the appetite and thirst for knowledge about these initial players and what our teams will look and feel like, this is massive. As I like to put it, this will help show what the DNA of our league will look like.

One of the top questions I’ve received is “Will there be young men from our regions playing on our teams?” Another big question from fans is “Will they be Canadians?” And the answer to both is a resounding yes. These guys are here because they want to play in this league. They’ve embraced the honour of playing coast-to-coast in Canada.

For me, they will forever be linked to the Canadian Premier League.

– David Clanachan, CPL Commissioner.