Prorated Memberships

Secure your Prorated Membership for the remaining 4 matches at the Wanderers Grounds this season.

Still have questions? Book a call with a member of our Ticketing Team or read through the Ticketing FAQs below.

Ticketing FAQs

Q: How do I access my mobile ticket(s) on my smartphone?

Season Members and Flex Pack holders can only access their tickets through HFX Wanderers FC Account Manager. We recommend adding your ticket to your phone’s digital wallet at least 48 hours prior to the match.

If you purchased a single-match ticket online through Ticketmaster, you can access your tickets through the Ticketmaster app.

Q: Can I use a screenshot or a paper print out of my ticket?

No. A mobile ticket must be provided from the Account Manager website or from your phone’s digital wallet to gain entry.

Q: What age is a youth ticket?

Youth tickets are for anyone between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

Q: Do I get a specific seat within my section of The Kitchen?

No, it is a General Admission ticket. The row and seat number are irrelevant so you can sit wherever there’s space within the specific section.

Q: How do I transfer my mobile tickets to a friend or family member?

Refer to our Ticketing FAQs page here.

Q: What if I don’t have cellular data to access my ticket while at the gate?

Make sure you save your ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay account prior to the game to avoid having issues upon arrival.

In an emergency situation, email in advance and we will deliver a printed ticket to you.

Q: Can I re-enter the venue if I leave?

No, once you leave the venue you cannot return.