Béland-Goyette on OneSoccer: ‘Very low chance’ of staying with Valour after 2019
Canadian Premier League

Louis Béland-Goyette pulled no punches about his time with Valour FC on OneSoccer’s first episode of a daily series of Player & Pundit Hangouts.

Joined by OneSoccer’s Kurt Larson, Oliver Platt and Adam Jenkins on Twitch, the HFX Wanderers FC midfielder discussed his move to Halifax, the need for a new project after Valour, and much more.

Speaking from self-isolation, ‘LBG’ reflected on the 2019 CPL season with Valour and how there was a “very low chance” he was to stay past a disappointing Year 1.

“You do a year of a contract, have a good season, and look at your options,” Béland-Goyette told OneSoccer of his post-2019 plans. “From the start of the season, in my head, there was a very low chance I would stay in Winnipeg – despite the season we had.”

The 24-year-old midfielder impressed on a Valour side that struggled to a 28-point regular campaign, operating as one of the top box-to-box midfielders in CPL. He joined Valour last season after a long injury layoff, dating back to the 2018 campaign with the Montreal Impact.

“Halifax showed their interest… Having spoken to players last year, it was a clear opportunity and a nice project to jump into,”Béland-Goyette said.

“It was clear I needed a new project after Winnipeg.”

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