Club Overview

Our Harbour,
Our Home,
Our Soul.

Nova Scotians have heart. The evidence is everywhere. You hear it in the laughter, you feel it in the music. And the veins that pump life to every corner of the province originate from the same place; Halifax Harbour.

Communities grew on either shore nourished by the beating tide. Despite suffering unimaginable damage, it healed to become the main entry point for new Canadians. It’s where you unloaded your bounty, and then celebrated after. The Harbour is like Nova Scotians themselves…welcoming, even in the worst storm.

It’s also evolving. A rich history can sometimes be an anchor holding a city back. Not in today’s Halifax. The wind is right, the sail is up…and there’s something big on the horizon. Young-old, male-female, Nova Scotian-newcomer; they’ll all be invited. And they’ll sing those hearts out.

The harbour has inspired the club. The club motto Ar Cala, Ar Dachaigh, Ar n-Anam means: “Our Harbour, Our Home, Our Soul” in Gaelic.