Club Philosophy

“A place on the coast where vessels may
find shelter, especially one protected from
rough water by piers, jetties, and other
artificial structures.”

The definition of Harbour is synonymous with Haligonians themselves; welcoming, friendly, and vital. These virtues form the core values of HFX Wanderers FC; inclusivity, transparency with a deep commitment to community integration.People attend football matches and other sporting events to feel a part of something bigger than themselves while also having that special day each week to escape the ordinary. “The Grounds” will provide that “Safe Haven”.

But most importantly, sports is about having fun. The club will never stand in the way of pure, unbridled enjoyment. What would a community club be without music, singing, and a good party. There will obviously be a code that supporters will be asked to live by, but rather than imposing “rules” the club’s role would be to facilitate self governance by its followers.

One critical example, is the vow to protect and preserve the Halifax Public Gardens across Sackville street. As part of the agreement to develop a stadium at the Wanderers Grounds, ownership promised to help protect the Gardens, and that is a decree supporters should take pride in upholding. The same can be said for the Citadel, and the neighbouring Camp Hill Cemetery.

Wearing the Wanderers badge should be an honour for players. The club will do everything in its power to create the same impression for its fan base.